What is the Donorplus Recognition Program and how does it work?

Donorplus recognizes donors like you each time you donate blood, platelets or plasma. Not only do you save lives with each donation, you earn points to shop for gifts in our online store.
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How will I earn Donorplus points?

You must first become a Donorplus Recognition Program member by registering to activate your account. You can expect your points to be automatically credited to your Donorplus account after each successful donation.

Once you have enrolled you will be able to see how many points you will earn for each donation and keep track of how many points you have accumulated.
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How do I sign up for the Donorplus Recognition Program ?

Just create your account online and complete an enrollment form or call 866-228-1500 to speak to a Donorplus customer service representative.
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How many Donorplus points will I earn for each donation?

Once you enroll you will be able to see a points chart listing each donation type and its point value.
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How will I view and redeem Donorplus points for a gift?

It’s simple. You will log in using your Donor ID and password. From there you will see your point balance and available gifts.
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Will Donorplus points ever expire?

Yes, Points in unregistered accounts will expire 7 days after deposit if the account is not registered. Points will expire in registered accounts after 15 months of inactivity.
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What will I be able to get with Donorplus points?

You will be able to redeem your Donorplus points for a wide variety of gifts and gift cards. Gifts are always changing based on availability. Click here to see a small sampling of the gifts available.
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How long will it take for Donorplus points to show up in my account after I donate?

It will take about 48 hours after you donate for your Donorplus points to appear in your account in our system.
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